Treating Sleep Disorders in Wales


Clients testify that coaching and personalised treatment helps them them to feel more relaxed about sleep and to enjoy far more ‘good nights’.

We offer a range of services to treat sleep disorders, from personalised sleep assessments to sleep coaching and education for children and adults. Sleep disorders we treat: Insomnia, general sleeplessness, nightmares, night terrors, circadian rythmn disorder and sleepwalking.

Sleep Wales was set up in 2012 by Amy McClelland and Dr Dr Dev Banerjee and has supported 100s of individuals both privately referred and through NHS referral.

Everyone deserves a good night’s sleep, and therefore we strive to make that a reality for our clients.

Our services include:

  1. Sleep coaching: One to one intervention identifies sleep challenges and enables personalised sleep plans that address their specific needs.
  2. Sleep education: Workshops and seminars on sleep health and wellness provide practical tips and strategies for improving sleep quality.
  3. Sleep assessments: These evaluate sleep quality, identify potential sleep disorders and provide personalised recommendations for improving sleep.
  4. Sleep therapy: Including cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT-I) and mindfulness-based therapy for insomnia (MBT-I).

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