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Sleep Wales offers a range of tailored sleep courses.

Courses include:

Certificate in sleep hygiene: 2 hour workshop.

In this workshop you will learn about the basic pillars of good sleep. What is the science behind sleep hygiene? How can sleep hygiene advice help someone to sleep better? How can we help people to follow good sleep hygiene when they are feeling tired and frustrated?

Mindfulness and sleep: 3 hour workshop

Interactive workshop presented by Mindfulness trainer Vicki Worsley and Sleep Expert Amy McClelland. Learn new ways of handling sleeplessness and familiarise yourself with ways of getting deep rest and recuperation with the help of mindfulness. Mindfulness can take the anxiety out of sleep and can in itself be a powerful vehicle enabling us to get the rest that we are so often deprived of in modern 24-hour society.

5 Day Practitioner Course in Sleep Psychology

In this course, you receive in-depth training which will prepare you to deliver you own sleep service. You will gain an excellent understanding of sleep psychology and why people experience sleep disorders. We will also explore how to deliver each level of cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia and learn how to support clients through what can be quite a challenging 4 weeks. During the course, you will also learn about how mindfulness is a vital part of any cognitive behavioural intervention for sleep and will learn techniques to help clients to relax at night and get rest and recuperation through focusing on breathing.

Call 07460309155 for details.